About Prasad

Educated at KM College of Music & Technology

He graduated from the prestigious KM College of Music & Technology, where he pursued Western Classical Music under the guidance of the renowned double Oscar winner, A.R. Rahman. This educational experience played a crucial role in shaping his musical abilities, providing him with a strong foundation in music theory and composition.

Composed for more than 800 Commercials and 7 Feature Films

He has showcased his musical talents by composing Jingles for over 800 Commercials and contributing to the soundtracks of 7 feature films. His compositions for these projects have effectively captured the essence of the brands being advertised and added depth to the cinematic storytelling.

Freelanced as a Choir Conductor for movies

He has also freelanced as a choir conductor for several movies, including the notable film 'Kadal,' directed by Mani Ratnam and featuring the music direction of A.R. Rahman. This experience allowed him to collaborate with esteemed artists and contribute his musical insights to the film's compositions.


Noteworthy composition for the Tamil Feature Film 'Yaamirukka Bayamey'

One of his most remarkable accomplishments includes composing the music score for the Tamil feature film 'Yaamirukka Bayamey,' which achieved blockbuster success. The music he crafted for the film played a pivotal role in creating the desired atmosphere, enhancing suspense, and evoking emotional responses from the audience.

Bronze Award at Goa Film Festival 2019

His music composition for a film focusing on menstrual hygiene garnered significant recognition, earning the Bronze Award at the Goa Film Festival in 2019. The impactful storytelling combined with his musical arrangements contributed to the film's success in raising awareness and promoting education on this crucial topic.

Best Retail Ad - South at the IAA Awards 2019

His composition of a jingle for a retail home appliance brand achieved notable success, winning the esteemed "Best Retail Ad - South" award at the IAA (International Advertising Association) Awards in 2019. The jingle resonated with the audience in Tamil Nadu and effectively captured the essence of the brand, showcasing his ability to connect with the target audience.

Playback Singer for Leading Composers like Harris Jeyaraj

Throughout his musical journey, Prasad has had the incredible opportunity to collaborate as a playback singer with renowned composers like Harris Jayaraj. The song "Po Po Po" which he sang with Jonita Gandhi and KK in the music of Harris Jayaraj has crossed One Crore Views on YouTube

Over the years, he has built a diverse portfolio of work that extends across numerous industries such as FMCG, Clothing, Retail, Automobile, Wellness, and more. Collaborating with clients from various sectors has allowed him to adapt his musical style to cater to different brand identities and target audiences, showcasing his versatility as a composer.

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